HA 132513 Multi RSD Humbaur | 300 mm dropside, braked, 1300 kg total weight*

The HA Multitransporter is a car trailer for a variety of uses. The box trailer has a fixed front wall and side walls made of anodised, double-walled aluminum profiles with a height of 300 mm. The tailgate is equipped with toggle fasteners. The loading area of the low-loader measures 2510 x 1310 mm. Three pairs of lashing brackets are sunk into the side walls to secure the load. The pulling force is 400 kg per bracket. The HA Multitransporter becomes a trailer that can be flexibly equipped, among other things thanks to its corner stanchions with insertion options, which can be used to set up additional side wall elements of 30 cm each. Either a flat tarpaulin or an aluminum cover is available as an accessory for protection from above. A motorcycle rail can also be retrofitted as an accessory; an insertion option for drive-up ramps is provided as standard. The 15 mm thick, weather-resistant base plate is robust in all applications. The HA Multitransporter is available in two variants: unbraked, with a gross vehicle weight of 750 kg and braked, with a gross vehicle weight of 1300 kg. In the version with brakes, a jockey wheel is part of the standard equipment.

 2.195,00  2.386,00

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Basic equipment as a quality standard – see your benefits here

  • Galvanized V drawbar
  • 13-pin plug, reversing light from 751 kg perm. total weight
  • Screenprinted bottom plate
  • Side walls made of anodised, double-walled aluminum profile
  • 6 lashing brackets integrated in the side walls
  • Tensile force 400 kg per lashing bracket, Dekra tested
  • Humbaur multifunction lighting integrated in the underride guard
  • Insertion option for ramps
  • Corner posts with insertion option

Technical specifications

Trailer type: single axle
Type of construction: aluminium
Weight: 245kg
Total weight: 1,300 kg
Payload: 1,055 kg
Inner length: 2,510 mm
Overall length: 3,765mm
Internal width: 1,310 mm
Total width: 1,800 mm
Internal height: 300mm
Total height: 905mm
Loading height: 530 mm
Tires: 14 inches


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