SPECIAL OFFER Humbaur horse trailer Equitos Plywood 2000 kg or 2400 kg, Check Trailer☺

Equitos Plywood saves a lot when transporting horses. This basic model is constructed of plywood side walls with a UV-resistant plastic coating and a particularly robust AluBiComp floor that cannot rot or corrode. The ramp flap is covered with a rubber granulate mat that gives the horse support and security when getting in and out. The standard equipment includes an EquiDrive chassis, which can optionally be expanded to include wheel shock absorbers, and a lighting system with reversing and rear fog lights. The tinted vent windows in the poly hood ensure pleasant brightness during the day and sufficient ventilation. The exclusive wind deflector also prevents heat build-up in the horse room. The split breast and breech bars give the horses security in their place; the chest bars have a panic release. A large entrance door with three-point locking allows you to easily access your animals in the horse compartment of the trailer at any time.

 6.810,00 7.122,00 inkl. MwSt.

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Basic equipment as a quality standard – see your benefits here

  • EquiDrive® chassis
  • Preparation for wheel shock absorbers
  • Structure made of high-quality, plastic-coated and UV-resistant plywood side walls, 18 mm thick, black
  • 13-pin connector with reversing and rear fog light
  • Wooden floor panel, 21 mm thick with glued-in rubber floor
  • Massive, surrounding and galvanized frame profile
  • Elegant, galvanized rear support with integrated lighting
  • Large entrance door with 3-point locking
  • Ramp flap with rubber granulate mat
  • Split chest and breech bars, chest bars with panic release
  • Tinted hinged windows in poly hood
  • Interior lighting and hay net ring
  • Automatic jockey wheel with maneuvering handle
  • Poly hood in tent grey
  • Exclusive wind deflector for draught-free interior ventilation
  • WITHOUT tack room

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