Eduard 3116 | Reverse tipper 310 x 160 with 750 kg| hand pump, double axle, jockey wheel and still B – driving license suitable ☘

TOP offer double-axle and still B – driver’s license suitable 311cm x 160cm loading height 72 cm side wall height 30 cm

Double axle and still suitable for a B driving license

 3.378,00  3.672,00 inkl. MwSt.

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  • extremely robust and resilient
  • perfect driving dynamics
  • hot-dip galvanized chassis with securing points
  • stable V drawbar
  • Ball head coupling with safety indicator
  • all side walls can be folded down and removed
  • Safety reflector strips on side and rear drop sides
  • Side walls made of double-walled, anodized aluminum profile, 25 mm thick
  • all side walls with clamping – locks, foldable and removable
  • Overrun brake with automatic reverse & SERVOMATIC for jerk-free braking & starting Axles from KNOTT, ALKO or WAP with torsion bar suspension, individual wheel suspension
  • Axle unit with increased wheelbase (double frame)
  • Maintenance-free rubber spring axles with individual wheel suspension
  • continuous multiplex floor panel with an anti-slip coating, not divided!
  • Sufficient lashing brackets with ECE104 quality mark on the loading area
  • Lashing hook under loading area
  • Qualitatively unique base frame construction made of bolted and welded profile supports
  • Frame side member extremely stable and torsion-free due to multiple edging and special lightweight embossing
  • Frame parts easily replaceable in case of damage due to screw construction
  • Inserted corner posts, removable without tools
  • Welded & galvanized frame: all frame parts are hot-dip galvanized in an immersion bath
  • plastic fenders
  • Insertion options at all 4 corners (e.g. for tarpaulin frame), from 4.5 m 6 corners
  • 13 pin connector and holder
  • Large dimensioned safety lighting with integrated triangular reflectors, rear fog light & reversing light
  • with automatic heavy-duty jockey wheel, standing load 450 kg
  • Brand tires // 100km/h suitable + MS identification, all-season tires
Technical specifications
Trailer Type: Rear Dump, Hand Pump
Model: 3116-2-1B30-075-J-72
Internal dimensions, LxW (cm): 310×160
Total dimensions, LxW (cm): 459×167
Structure: Aluminum side walls, 30 cm high
Loading height (cm): 72
Total weight (kg): 750
Curb weight (kg): 462
Axis(es): 2
Braked: no
Tires: 155R13
Floor panel: Multiplex
Fastening hooks: 12
Rope hook: 6


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